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Writing tips and advice

Feel part of a creative community

One Day or Day One - you decide

Hands up who wants to write book or a script? I'm guessing you do - which is why you're here.

One day I'm going to write a novel. One day, one day, one day.....but somehow it never gets done.

So let's change the script. Your journey towards starting - and finishing - a novel starts here.

DAY ONE. Together we can do this.

Sign up and join the Write With Me writing programme today. 

Thanks for submitting!

how it works...




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On the first of every month, Tasmina will send a writing prompt straight to you in-box.

Sometimes it will be a short writing exercise, other times it will be publishing tips or a word count challenge.

The object of Write With Me is for you to get into the habit of getting words down on the page, whether you want to 'find your voice,' write chapters of a novel you have already started, or you're just after a creative workout.

The prompts are totally free. Most of all it should be fun!

You choose how to use the prompts.

You might want to start writing as soon as it comes into your in-box. Or maybe you'll set aside an hour a week to write and use the prompts then for motivation.

During a word count challenge, join Tasmina at a certain time in the week to see how many words we can all write.

Prompts are powerful - used in the right way, they'll help you create an efficient system to start - and finish - a book. Just think - if you use the Write With Me prompts to help you write 1000 words a week, (which believe me, is very do-able,) you'll have a novel within 12 months.

Join Write With Me and you'll also get to hear about our supper clubs in lovely places, where you can meet fellow writers, hear from Tasmina and other bestselling authors and publishing industry experts..

The Write With Me Instagram account

@comewritewithme will feature book recommendations - fantastic fiction and inspiring non-fiction.

Speaking of Insta ... got something to share? Finished a chapter, found a quote you love, or even just bought a notebook you just want to stroke,  use #writewithme and let's keep building a community of like-minded creatives.

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