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Whenever anyone asks me how to write a book, one of my biggest tips to get 10,000 words down on the page. 10,000 words is a huge psychological barrier. I’ve been a novelist for over 15 years now and in my experience, it’s at that point - 10,000 words - when you book comes alive, when you stop wanting to give up. It's when copy starts to feel like a story.

So here's what we're going to do. We are going to do regular 10 Day to 10k challenges. We'll set aside ten days when we are going to strict about writing 1000 words a day and by the end of it, you'll have a big chunk of your book done. It's a perfect way to get started. But if you're already deep into your novel, think of it as a book boot camp where you'll be joining other members of the Write With Me community to push ahead with your creative project.

They don’t have to be perfect words. Quite the opposite. I think the biggest thing holding writers back is the pressure to write something ready to publish.

Are you ready to join the challenge? 

The first 10 Day to 10k challenge is taking place between Sunday 22nd November and Tuesday 1st December 2020. Follow the Write With Me Instagram feed @writewithmeofficial to get your daily prompts.

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