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Hi, I'm Tasmina 

At book signings I meet lots of people who want to write a book and I always ask 'What's stopping you?'


I get told the same thing again and again. Finding the time to get started, getting stuck in a first draft or simply losing confidence and motivation and giving up.

So let's try and change that. I've started Write With Me to encourage you to write that book by sending you free monthly writing prompts. As I write, I'll give you a nudge to write too. It's like personal training for writers! Come on - let's do it! All you need is a pen or a laptop.



(short answer: everyone!)


STARt A book or be


Whether you want to write a novel or publish non-fiction, having a great idea is often the easy bit. 

Confidence can a stumbling block. Carving out the time in a busy week can seem even more tricky.


But it doesn't have to be. Commit to just a few minutes a week of Write With Me and you'll soon create a habit of being creative which is good for our physical and mental wellness.


Want to finally start that book? Even if you haven't quite nailed down your idea, getting into a routine of regular writing will mean you're raring to go, when you do.




Maybe you've already had a stab at writing a novel or you already work with words. You know you can write and dream of being able to make a living as an author some day. But somehow that debut novel just hasn't got done.


Don't beat yourself up if you keep putting off starting that book or script - most people who start writing novels don’t finish them. But let’s change that.

Stop wishing you could score a six-figure publishing deal and take your first steps towards making it happen.


The publishing landscape is changing really fast.  Readers can get their favourite author's new book at the click of a button, but are you giving them what they want fast enough?

Perhaps you want to mix a traditional and self-publishing career by releasing a new series through the KDP programme, or try another genre under a pseudonym. Either way you want the motivation to get more words on the page and keep up to date with developments in the industry.


Try your free

Join Write With Me and get free writing prompts, publishing tips and invites to our salons and supper clubs coming in 2021.


About Tasmina

Tasmina Perry is one of the UK's most popular women's fiction writers and a former magazine editor. She has sold over two million copies of her books and has been translated into 21 languages.

She trained as a lawyer, but switched to magazine journalism when she realised it was nothing like LA Law. She was the editor of one of the UK's biggest titles within two years and was editing  In Style magazine when her debut novel Daddy's Girls went into the Sunday Times top ten.

She has since written 14 novels and been on international bestseller lists many times over. When she decided to try her hand at thriller writing, her novel Mine (written under the name JL Butler,) was sold in a six-figure deal to Sony Pictures.

She knows about bestsellers and she is passionate about helping people live a creative life

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